These unique, low-cost air handling systems save on heat and air
conditioning. It's designed especially for low-volume trim systems.
This air handling system can accommodate several pick-up points from
trimming or die-cutting operations. Trim is pneumatically conveyed to
the cyclone. Here the conveying air is separated from the trim scrap.
This air is then filtered and returned to the plant while the scrap is
fed directly into the hopper at the automatic horizontal baler.
Regardless of volume of incoming air, special self-adjusting controls
modulate pressure in the baler chamber to minimize dust contamination
around the press.

Adaptable --With the BloApCo system, customers can utilize a horizontal
baler of their choice. It will work with existing pneumatic conveying systems. The air handling systems are flexible and can be adapted to fit almost any existing space. No roof openings are needed. Low headroom requirements enable system to fit inside most buildings.