What is bad faith insurance claim litigation? The first step involved in investigating a potential claim for bad faith begins with the victim of an insurance company's conduct. If you believe that a certain carrier or agent has acted in bad faith towards your client it is important to make a claim with the Insurance Department.

The insurance agent may also be the target of your bad faith claim. Great care should be taken in obtaining information or communicating with the agent who is a potential defendant. A bad faith claim suggests that the insurance company did not live up to their part of the contract with you and that they acted unreasonably in wrongfully denying your claim.

There are many instances that can involve a bad faith insurance claim, including delaying a claim investigation, not performing a thorough investigation of a claim, delaying payment unreasonably, denying benefits to a claim unreasonably, as well as many other reasons.

We represent individuals who have suffered a loss and been treated unfairly, or in bad faith, by their insurance company. Sometimes the insurance company has denied their claim or provided an unfair settlement of a claim.

Bad faith is a matter involving an insurance claim that is wrongfully denied by your insurer. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company.