But are bifolding doors ? The Dynamic collection of exterior wood bifolding doors designs, combines state of the art hardware technology with the industry's widest selection of styles, sizes and wood species.
From the look of a traditional French door with true divided lites and embossed lower panels, to the clean narrow lines of large contemporary panels, each and every Dynamic bifolding door is custom manufactured to the highest standards.

Open up entire walls of rooms with no obstructions with bifolding doors. All Dynamic bifolding doors are manufactured with engineered yellow cedar cores to eliminate warping, maintain structural integrity and ensure years of trouble free usage.

Incorporating the latest European hardware, Dynamic bifolding door provides ease of operation, allowing the door to swing either inward or outward as they slide to one side in a tightly compact arrangement. Each bifolding door panel can be up to 176 lbs. or 36 inches in width providing exceptional design flexibility.

With the Dynamic bifolding stacking door, you can design endless combinations of sizes, styles and species of style. Because the hinge side of bifolding doors consists of a floor-mounted pivot and a top-mounted track, you can install multiple 5 foot tracks side by side with no need for a vertical wood support at either end.

To adjust bifolding doors, loosen the bifold pivots at the bottom and top of the door, adjust as needed, and retighten. We can even do curved bifolding doors. Looking for interior bifolding doors or maybe an exterior front door? This means that unlike hinged or bifolding doors, no valuable space is taken up by the panels inside or outside the door.

Other means can include bifolding doors which may fit into the goal net in the open position or sliding panels.Bifolding doors open out to front and back courtyards. The bifolding doors and windows allow the outdoors to come in during the summer months and relaxation in front of the fire.

Single and paired bifolding doors give you a large opening in minimal space. Bifolding doors like these are great where there is limited space infront of the wall units. Bifolding doors are doors designed to be used in closets, pantries, and in some cases as folding doors between rooms. Bifold doors are always done in pairs, with two doors folding to one side, or with four doors, split in the center of the opening, with
two doors folding back to each side.

The main living area is open-plan with a timber floor, and bifolding doors lead to a big two-level deck that catches the morning sun.The bifolding doors give you an extra volume control. Bifolding doors with easy to operate door catches. The terrace is an integral part of the design, sweeping the full length of the northern side, with all rooms beside having bifolding doors for full access.

Our exclusive bi-folding door and window system is designed to fit most interior and exterior openings.The concept of opening up a room to the outside sees Bi-folding doors and windows becoming increasingly more popular. The use of bilfolding doors in cafes and restaurants has now spread to the residential sector.

Bi-folding doors open up to provide unimpeded access to the great outdoors. Used for effective screening of bifolding doors, multi-panel sliding doors, balcony and outdoor entertainment rooms.
A bifolding door gives you the flexibility to make your door opening a practical width for today's large equipment.

Create large exterior opening glass walls with folding and bifolding doors. Complete, engineered, tested systems from a single bi-fold doors supplier. Because the Bi-folding doors have a bottom-rolling system to carry the door weight they can be used with confidence in any situation without fear of jamming up.

The Bifold door rails are the same as for hinged and French doors, making for a seamless continuity when different bifolding door types are used in the same house. BiFolding Doors, as the name suggests are doors that are designed to open in a concertina fashion giving the maximum possible clear aperture. The end bifolding doors being on the none concertina side can be of a normal configuration opening in or out for standard access.

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