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Business Process Management with FirstSTEP Product Suite - Interfacing Technologies
Regardless of the program, changing and improving business process management is the basis for improvement. Interfacing's Enterprise Process Centerô (EPC) is ideally suited to help support companies in their quest for business process management and certification. With the business process management, you have a software fully supported change control of processes and documents, full audit trail of access and change activity, and the clarity with which process knowledge is communicated to everyone in the company, organizations can instill the discipline necessary to successfully complete these programs.

The ability to audit, assess, and document evidence that business processes management meet required standards are just some of the key elements to these regulations. Interfacing's Enterprise Process Centerô (EPC) provides you with a tool to control your compliance processes by helping you manage the audit, assessment and execution of your underlying business processes management. This will make compliance easier and more transparent throughout your organization, and thus improve the business process management.

A systems approach to the business management of processes, based on the management of process knowledge, control of process performance and conformance, continual improvement of processes, and customer satisfaction. Business Process Management (BPM) delivers the crucial business glue that synchronizes the planning, designing, building, operating, maintaining, monitoring and improvement of the capabilities of the enterprise.

Currently, enterprise application integration and middleware providers offer some form of workflow or business process management (BPM). What are your experiences in bringing business process management into your organization? Business process management enables businesses to be more flexible by recasting IT systems and creating new, process-driven architectures.

Interfacing Process Manager can be deployed quickly and scales easily to the needs of your business, creating a unified business process management infrastructure that connects users and applications.