Developing the American caster market for caster wheels, industrial casters, and material handling casters.

This norm is specified and must serve to determinethe nominal load capacities of material handling wheels and casters. Therefore, it is important to be assured that wheel and caster manufacturers respect this norm before they display the load capacities of their products.

This new factory is completely dedicated to moulding, rubber injection, and manufacturing of plastics for the Resilex, Sandwich, and Souplex wheels. The plant will be able to handle 1,400 tons of plastic and 2,000 tons of rubber, nearly double the output of the older plant.

This will eventually decrease production costsdue to the reduction in handling, and thereforeimproving working conditions. All of the above mentioned elements at the St.Geoirs plant contribute to increased production, and provide the key to produce tomorrow’s wheels and casters.

provides the best-quality industrial casters, heavy duty casters, stainless casters, wheel casters and other caster products and services for a variety of industries and markets.

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