Continuous Filtration Systems
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PATT ROTARY III screenchangers provides continuous polymer flow, a constant pressure drop, and eliminates pressure fluctuations during screen changes which, in turn, reduces process variability and improves product uniformity. The breaker plates are an integral part of the disk which is held at a temperature level to avoid freeze-up of polymer.

PCS-1 Process Controller System Description Monitors and controls filtration system by comparing upstream and downstream pressure readings to differential pressure setpoints. The PCS-1 interfaces with the filtration system via several sensors:

Whatever you need - filtration systems for fibers, film and sheet, profile and tubing, or systems to withstand the rigors of unknown materials and contamination in recycling - our Application Specialists will work directly with you to devise the best solution.
 pipe profile tubing, film and sheet,fibers,pelletizing, PCS-1,slide plate, ceramic 
              infrared radiant heaters,continuous filtration,rotary filtration

1. pressure measurement amplifier

2. PVC processing
3. filtration systems for fibers
4. controller System
5. Continuous filtrations
6. Screenchanger
7. rotary filtration
8. melt pressure sensor


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