PATT Filtration, THE innovator in continuous filtration systems for the plastics processing and recycling industries.

From the outset, the company's main objective to provide superior quality products was realised by applying advanced manufacturing technology.

If you have a problem, we come up with the right idea to solve it. PATT Filtration has the in-house resources needed to make it reality.

Our experienced, dedicated staff can provide design and manufacturing all on-site.

1. backflush and plastic
2. rotary filtration
3. continuous rotary
4. rotary polymer
5. Patt filtration
6. rotary filtration
7. rotary backflush
8. backflush
9. continuous filtration
10. continuous filtration systems

61% film and sheet

59%controls filtration system 

57%filtration systems for fibers 

56%Controller System 

56%melt temperature sensor

55%film manufacture 

54%screen consumption 

54%pipe manufacture 

54%pressure measurement amplifier 

54%temperature measurement amplifier 


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