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Certified Quality
You are about to purchase your compressor from the first compressor remanufacturer to obtain an ISO.9003-94 certification (since 1990).

SERVICES: Procedure

All compressors are completely torn down.
All critical wearing parts are discarded, valves, springs, bearings etc.
All teardown analysis is stored and is available upon request

All parts are carefully cleaned to ensure that all contaminant’s are removed.

All measuring instruments are regularly calibrated and certified by non-bias agencies.
Salvageable parts are restored to optimum tolerances on high quality machine tools and computer controlled machines.
All parts, sub assemblies and components conform to original equipment manufacturers specifications.

Motor winding
All winding insulation and materials must meet class F&H (180°F) including epoxy

Motor testing
All stator testing and rewinding is executed in strict accordance with NEMA and IEEE
All rewound stators as well as all requalified stators are recorded

Sub assembly of piston and rod, unloader power elements, pumps, valves plates. They are then installed and torqued to specification by a mechanic.


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