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It costs nothing to subscribe to the RCI CyberJournal, and you can cancel your subscription any time. And RCI guarantees that its electronic mailing-list will not be distributed to any other person or company. So sign up now. It's easy!

As well, the CyberJournal includes:

Each morning at 00h30 Montreal-time (05h30 UTC), we send the CyberJournal out to Canadians and non-Canadians around the world who need to know what's going on in Canada. It's free and comes with no obligation. The CyberJournal is sent via e-mail and is designed to be easily and quickly downloaded and read. (We know how valuable your time is!)

The RCI CyberJournal provides a user-friendly link with Canada for people living or travelling abroad. It takes only a few minutes to catch up on the latest Canadian news. As well, the CyberJournal includes sports and business news, the daily weather forecast, and a brief outline of the top international news.

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