CanStahl Inc. is the exclusive distributor for R. Stahl Fordertechnik GmbH in Canada for material handling products. Since the actual owner took over in 1994, Stahl’s products really grew in popularity in Canada. With over 35 years in experience in overhead cranes, Canstahl’s owner knows how important reliability and availability are. By reliability we mean that Stahl products have been, for a long time, leaders in manufacturing high quality products on which you can count, what ever your needs are. Reliability means: no stop in your production, considerable reduction of your repair costs, less problems ...


Quality modules la carte

The modular construction system of products developed by R. Stahl allows an enormously versatile and yet extremely economical program. Many customs-built solutions can be achieved at the highest quality with components manufactured economically in series and variety of additional equipment.

Monorail systems

Our KT monorail systems are a particularly economical way of reaching heights with loads of up to 2,000 kg; monorail runways or suspension cranes they are all quite simple to construct with this flexible modular kit.

At a glance

Universal modular kit for monorail runways and suspension cranes

Capacities up to 2,000 kg

Flexible and simple to extend

simple erection, particularly suitable for fitting yourself

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