Industrial super abrasive tools

At Diamond Productions Canada ltd. we know that different applications require different tools. We provide tools for building and construction. Our personnel is available at any time to respond to your questions on cutting and grinding applications. We will work together to supply the best tool for the job, large or small.

Our Quality Control Department inspects and backs every part we ship. All Diamond Productions Canada products are guaranteed to be fabricated to meet exacting standards in our manufacturing facilities. Our staff welcome discussion to assist our customers in design and applications of tools.

The company currently serves a broad cross-section of manufacturing industries, including : Engine manufacturing, Electronics and precision machining. For automotive. Aircraft components, high-speed steel, CV joints. Composite, graphite and fiberglass. For sporting goods equipment, marine, transportation & aviation. Granite, marble and tile manufacturing for building, floor restoration & fabrication. Concrete and masonry for construction, roads, demolition, fire & rescue.

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