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For over 45 years, BELAIRdirect has been doing business directly with consumers, which means savings and even faster service.

Today, BELAIRdirect is:

    operating in 2 provinces (Quebec and Ontario);

    over 950 employees;

    4 call centres;

    19 branches.

BELAIRdirect is a member of ING Group, one of the world's largest integrated financial service providers. Thousands of Quebecers request quotes each month; request yours now and see the low price of getting the complete protection you need.

1) Automobile insurance:
For over 40 years, BELAIRdirect is ahead in its creation of automobile insurance that answers consumers' needs.

- a forgiving policy
- no fee increase for 2 years
- lifetime guarantee on repairs
- worry-free protection
- insurance for your car and home
- we offer more security
- earned rebates

2) Home insurance:
Assured peace of mind

Get a free home security system and save 15% or more off our home insurance rate.

- more protection for your home
- no fee increase for 2 years
- insurance for your car and home
- no claims, more savings
- earned rebates

3) Accidental death insurance:
Protect your loved ones.
Accidents can happen to anyone, unforeseen and unexpected events can have serious financial consequences; BELAIRdirect has added a third category to its products and services: Accidental death insurance.

Easily accessible

If you are between 25 and 65 year of age, you are automatically accepted.
-no tests, no conditions
-our accidental death insurance is offered to single and married individuals

Three levels of protection

To meet each of our customers' needs, we offer more than one protection possibility:

A) $50,000
B) $100,000
C) $150,000

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